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Alpha Hair Central

19 Mayis, Oğretmen Hasimceken Caddesi No:15 K:2, 34727 Sisli/Istanbul

1. Analysis with Special Device

It is an examination phase to test the life of your existing hair before the operation. As a result of the analysis, the personal front line and the number of grafts (hair follicles) are determined.

2. Hairline Determination with Laser Device

3. Operation

With the number of grafts (hair follicles) and method determined specifically for you...

4.Painless Anesthesia Device

It is applied without a needle. The device allows us to inject local anesthesia under the skin with a certain pressure, so you will not be condemned to needle pain.

5.Operational Analysis

It is a process to prevent the risk of transmission of possible infectious diseases. It is aimed not to risk the health of the patient.

  • 2 months 100% natural shampoo
  • 10-day wash set
  • The drugs to be used after the operation (antibiotic, edema remover and pain reliever)
  • Neck pillow
  • Hat
  • Forehead tape

6. Lifetime Warranty Certificate

With the assurance of Alpha hair, your name is specific, dated and graft (hair root) numbered. Advantage; This certificate is an official document.

7.Personalized Consultant

Routine hair growth checks every month for 1 year; To provide routine controls for the first 10 days and every month. Target; to ensure your communication with the expert in a possible situation and to intervene.

General Features of Our Hair Transplantation Center