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About Hair Transplantation with Sapphire

The SAPPHIRE tip, which is cut with laser devices, is revolutionary in hair transplantation. The recovery period is between 7-10 days. It definitely leaves no trace. No deformation occurs in the heads of patients who have undergone surgery with this method.

The biggest advantage of the SAPPHIRE technique is; In the operation area, the canal process is done by drilling, not by cutting. With this technique, you can operate with the maximum frequency.

In this method; Hair follicles are collected with low-speed micro motors. The channels are opened by drilling with the SAPPHIRE tip. The opened channels are transferred to the hair follicles with special SAPPHIRE forceps. The procedure is performed painlessly with sedation anesthesia.

Sapphire is one of the oldest discovered elements. It is also one of the strongest and sharpest materials on earth. Therefore, depending on the use, no problems such as wear or loss of sharpness are encountered.

As a result of the technique developed for hair transplantation, the Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method has started to be used frequently in our country. In our country, this method is used only by expert trichologist Serkan Kemal Gül, who has been trained abroad. Thanks to the Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method he has applied to date, he has done painless and painless hair transplantation to many people. In this context, thanks to the method he applied, he was instrumental in many patients getting healthy hair.

Hair loss is almost everyone’s nightmare. This situation, which is usually seen in men, sometimes happens to women as well. As technology develops, new hair is transplanted to replace the lost hair and thus your hair loss is compensated. Many techniques are used in regional or general hair transplantation in the head area. Steel-Tipped Sapphire method, this technique has recently started to be applied in Turkey. Trichology Specialist Serkan Kemal Gül, who works at Alpha Hair Central, is the only authorized person in our country to perform hair transplantation with this method.

The Steel Tip Sapphire Method applied by Serkan Kemal Gül is applied after certain stages are passed. Therefore, trichology specialist Gül, who primarily conducts interviews with each patient, also has the necessary examinations done during this meeting. At this point, the causes of hair loss are also investigated. Hair loss can occur for many reasons. In this context, treatment methods also change. Only this planting is applied to the patients who are suitable for the Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method.

If the operation will be continued with the Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method, first of all, anesthetic intervention is applied to the area to be treated. Thus, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. The necessary grafts are collected for the areas to be transplanted. Thus, micro channels are opened with Steel Tip Sapphire at the points where hair transplant will be made. These channels are extremely small. Hair is transplanted to the opened points and when the whole procedure is over, the necessary dressing is done and our patient can continue his life from where he left off.

The Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method has many advantages. The use of sapphire directly instead of the piercing tip called slit allows the person to continue his life more comfortably and painlessly. Thanks to the tip used only by Trichologist Serkan Kemal Gül in Turkey, no wound, tissue loss, scarring or deformation occurs on the scalp. It is another advantage to be able to perform a more frequent operation in front line plantings, as a result of which a result close to one hundred percent naturalness can be obtained. Therefore, Sapphire Method is the most advanced hair transplantation technique where you can achieve both naturalness and health.

Safir, anti bakteriyel özelliğe sahiptir. Dolayısıyla kafa derisine açılacak olan kanallarda operasyon sırasında enfeksiyon riskini ortadan kaldırır. Bu da doku hasarı riskini minimum düzeyde tutar. Ancak eski yöntemlerde dikkat edilmesine rağmen böyle bir risk söz konusu olmaktadır. 

Sapphire Yöntem ile uygulanan saç ekiminde tutulum oranı artar. Ayrıca metal slit yönteme göre daha fazla saç ekimi gerçekleşebilir. Böylece ister bölgesel ister başın tamamında uygulansın daha yoğun hacimli saçlara kavuşabilirsiniz. 

Metal slit uygulamada ödem riski oldukça fazladır. Bu da ekilen saçların tutulumunu zorlaştırır. Ancak Çelik Uçlu Sapphire Yönteminde böyle bir risk çok düşüktür. Yöntemi kullanarak ekim yaptıran hastalar günlük rutinlerine hemen dönebilirler. 

Açılan mikro kanallar sayesinde ekim yapılan kısmın iyileşmesi büyük bir hızla gerçekleşmektedir. Ancak metal slit yönteminde bu kanal biraz daha büyük olmakta ve iyileşme süresi daha uzun sürmektedir. 

Steel-Tipped Sapphire Method is the last point reached in hair transplantation. Therefore, it should be preferred because it provides both painless and quick recovery and being sterile. The tip, which can only be used by Trichologist Serkan Kemal Gül in Turkey, provides advantages to his patients in every way. It usually took a long time to start life after hair transplantation. However, channels that are closed in a short time with this method allow the person to mix with social life in a very short time.

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