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About Hair Transplant with DHI

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the newest technique applied in the world. This method in hair transplantation is much more advanced than other techniques. It ranks first in the world's quality standards. Perfectly natural results are achieved. The main purpose of this new and advanced technique is to increase the survival and growth rate of hair follicles by reducing the processing of grafts and the time they are outside of the skin.

In transactions made with DHI, the channel is not opened. While the hair is not washed for an average of three days after other hair transplantation applications, it can be washed the next day after DHI application. the healing process takes place quickly.

The graft follicle is placed inside the DHI pen. It is planted directly. Since there is no channel opening process, there will be no cavities, incisions or stitches. Thirty percent more frequent operation can be performed compared to the FUE method. Since hair transplantation is performed with a pen, the graft can be placed in the desired hair range.

The DHI technique is always recommended to patients in second session surgeries and in rare areas.

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